Quad Stall Motor w/Sense for RPi board

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This “hat” (not technically, since there isn’t an EEPROM on it) will control
up to 4 Stall Motors (like a Tortoise Switch Machine) and includes point 
position sense (either one pole of the “built in” DPDT switch in the Tortoise 
or something like a SPDT slide-switch mechanically connected to the throw bar).

NB: Not fully tested yet — I just started the process of getting the boards, but
in case anyone is feeling adventurous, the project is shared on Pcbway,
$1/board (in lots of 5) + shipping.

There is also a Mouser “project” (all the parts needed) here:
(about $30 per board, all through hole parts).

OpenMRN software that works with this board is available on GitHub in my RRCircuits project: https://github.com/RobertPHeller/RPi-RRCircuits

Board dir:    QuadSMCSenseHat
Software dir: QuadSMCSenseOpenMRN

(The software is also intended for the QuadSMCSenseCape and the 
PocketBeagleQuadSMCSense boards as well.)