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Railstars was an active company that developed a number of railroad and OpenLCB related products, that included design and implementation both software and hardware by Don Goodman-Wilson:

  • Io – AT90128 based board with drivers for 8 outputs and 8 inputs, and another 40 i/o on 2×5 headers.
  • Ioduino – similar to the Io but in an Arduino form factor.
  • RailBooster — Nice booster .. I have one.

Software still at: https://github.com/Railstars

Io – 8 inputs and 8 outputs, including LEDs along the front edge, and four more 2×5 positions carrying 32 i/o. These latter are compatible with RRCirkits signal conditioning boards.

3D generated view of the design.

RailBooster – 3A, adjustable 11V–16V output

Ioduino – Arduino form factor. AT90CAN based.